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Stamped concrete is an affordable way to beautify high traffic areas outdoors, yet is elegant enough to add indoors inplace of wood or stone flooring to save on cost.

What is Stamped Concrete?

What is stamped concrete? Rather than plain poured concrete that you see in most neighborhood homes, stamped concrete uses patterned imprinted stamps and molds to create a brick, slate, cobblestone, tile or even a wood plank look. These designs result in a higher end quality feel that brings curb appeal and luxury to your home without the costly use of the wood, stone or brick. It can be coated with a gloss to protect it and add shine. Texture can also be added to create a true brick feel or sandstone look. This extremely versatile approach gives you the look of luxury and the diversity of expensive products without the high end cost.

Any area of your home that would use pathways, walkways, fireplaces or walls can be built up with stamped concrete. Whether that’s a pool deck, a patio, an outdoor fire pit, a large driveway, a small garden walkway, or even some interior flooring- stamped concrete is a beautiful, multi-faceted and economical choice. This approach can be used on top of existing concrete or stone to give it a true home makeover. 

Stamped concrete is most commonly used for high traffic areas outdoors, yet is beautiful enough to add indoors inplace of wood or stone flooring to save on cost. Overlay concrete with stencils and colored patterns is truly a stunning touch to either indoor or outdoor spaces throughout your home. The colors and patterns available are almost endless so your vision can really be created to make your home and outdoor living spaces as beautiful as you imagine.

Are you renovating a home? Stamped concrete is a fast and economical “quick fix” for overlaying on top of existing concrete slabs that are worn, cracked or faulty. It will elevate, brighten and add beauty to any areas that need some restoration.

Building a new home? Any new construction would benefit from the luxurious look of stamped concrete. With an endless amount of stone, wood, and brick designs to choose from, we can surely create a pattern and color scheme that will add value, curb appeal and beauty to your new home for decades to come.

The best part? Our decorative colors and stamped concrete patterns look authentic, feel natural and can be designed to enhance the look of your new or renovated home. Lower maintenance and chance of cracking than poured concrete or brick pavers make this a no stress alternative to other building materials. Easy to clean and affordable, there really is no better choice for beautifying your home or outdoor spaces.

Our Services

Swimming Pools

Your backyard swimming pool is a major investment that should be protected to increase the value of your home. With the help of our professional team, you can design a contemporary and functional pool and/or deck that will be engineered and installed with true experienced craftsmanship.


Whether you are restoring a sidewalk or building new, creative and decorative stamped concrete walkways are a classy choice to make your residential or commercial space stand out. Not only will it be beautiful and easy to maintain, the final product creates safe and elegant paths for your family or clients to easily use and enjoy.


Whether you enjoy a family BBQ or a quiet night looking out at the stars, a durable and well engineered patio can make all the difference. Functionality and expert tradesmanship combine to create a flawless and timeless look that your family will enjoy for decades.


Designing a beautiful outdoor sidewalk to pretty up your outdoor space gives your home a look of rustic elegance. Through the use of stamped concrete, materials used are much less expensive than real stone, with the same look, feel and natural ambience of stone. The combined effect of sidewalks, walkways and driveways all patterned and colored with our expert craftsmanship bring your home's curb appeal to a whole new level.


The driveway to your home or business gives people the first impression as they drive by or pull up to stop in. Investing in a professional and eye-catching driveway is a quick way to curb-appeal and add the extra value you may be needing to bring your home or commercial property to a new standard. We have helped thousands of clients design and install functional and stunning driveways and walkways, let us help you as well!

BBQ Pit & Outdoor Living Areas

When it comes to outdoor barbecuing, everyone knows that serious pitmasters live for balmy summer days surrounded by family and friends with the grill hot and ready. BBQ pits and outdoor living areas are really great for everyone and every season. Ready to bring your backyard BBQ game up a notch? Design and implement your dream with our team of experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is stamped concrete used in landscapes?

To add to the beauty of your Eastern Idaho Home, natural earth tones and patterns can be used to create designs that complement surrounding outdoor elements. Whether that is dark brown earth tones, wheat grass yellow coloring, or stone patterned stamps to capture the natural look of Eastern Idaho landscapes, we can accommodate your preferences to enhance the natural beauty that surround your East Idaho home.

What does the coloring process work?

A coloring process called integral color is most often used to give your concrete that tone that you’re looking for. The pigment is added to create a base color that will permeate the entire concrete slab. Oftentimes a second coat of color can be applied to enhance the hue at the surface of the stone. 

Is stamped concrete durable?

When installed by our expert team, yes! Stamped concrete is a sturdy, durable and reliable surface that will last several decades if treated properly. In the freezing and dry climate of East Idaho, sealing the concrete will prevent cracks and damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

How do I care for stamped concrete?

Just as you would with normal poured concrete, wash the surface with water and a mild solvent to keep it free of dirt, or particles periodically. Never use oils or chemicals that would tear away at the finish. We recommend sweeping it often as well to eliminate abrasive materials that could cause scratches or leave chips and cracks.