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Frequently Asked Questions

Not only is stamped concrete a low cost option to beautify your home,but it also provides durability, unlimited design options and fade-resistant coloring. Have other questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we can get started on your project!

How is stamped concrete used in landscapes?

To add to the beauty of your Eastern Idaho Home, natural earth tones and patterns can be used to create designs that complement surrounding outdoor elements. Whether that is dark brown earth tones, wheat grass yellow coloring, or stone patterned stamps to capture the natural look of Eastern Idaho landscapes, we can accommodate your preferences to enhance the natural beauty that surround your East Idaho home.

What does the coloring process work?

A coloring process called integral color is most often used to give your concrete that tone that you’re looking for. The pigment is added to create a base color that will permeate the entire concrete slab. Oftentimes a second coat of color can be applied to enhance the hue at the surface of the stone. 

Is stamped concrete durable?

When installed by our expert team, yes! Stamped concrete is a sturdy, durable and reliable surface that will last several decades if treated properly. In the freezing and dry climate of East Idaho, sealing the concrete will prevent cracks and damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

How do I care for stamped concrete?

Just as you would with normal poured concrete, wash the surface with water and a mild solvent to keep it free of dirt, or particles periodically. Never use oils or chemicals that would tear away at the finish. We recommend sweeping it often as well to eliminate abrasive materials that could cause scratches or leave chips and cracks.